0.8 mm thick FR4 substrate in Iran

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On October 17, 2019, ZTelec Group welcomed the investigation and guidance of the Iran customer. Accompanied by Mr. Zhang from the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the customer visited the processing center of the company's 0.8 mm thick FR4 substrate, including gluing, drying, laminating, cutting and other production workshops. In the workshop, the customer constantly praised the management and quality of ZTelec Group with thumbs up. Back to the reception room, the Iran guest signed a cooperation letter of intent with ZTelec Group on the spot after communicating technology and business.

Product application of 0.8 mm thick FR4 substrate:

Application in frame circuit breaker: safety baffle, safety shutter, spacer gasket, interphase baffle, etc.

Application in molded case circuit breaker: interphase separator, tripping plate, etc.

Application in motor: motor armature parts, movable cover, groove wedge, fixed mat, thin gasket, carbon brush seat, etc.

Application in medium and high voltage switching equipment: front end, back end, top end, bottom end of separator system, interphase separator; Structural supports for switches and transformers, bus splints, etc.

Application in distribution cabinet: partition board, lining board, connection board, interphase insulation board, bottom partition board, contact support.

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