2022 Alibaba September Online Shopping Festival Starts

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Alibaba official website is hosting the September Online Shopping Festival as the 2021 global B2B cross-border trade event. ZTelec Group’s online store on joined this annual event, helping rekindle your business. The store is offering a big discount on all products this month. Buy now while stock lasts!


Online store promotion campaign:

1. For the following main products: enjoy 10% off

Epoxy products: FR4/G10/G11/3240 epoxy sheets/machined parts

Phenolic products: phenolic cotton cloth/paper products

2. For other products: enjoy a 5% discount

Promotion time: Sep.1,2022~Sep.30,2022, last for 30 days

Online store website:


There will be a live broadcast taking you to visit ZTelec Group’s insulating materials factory and showing you the production facilities and processing flow. Come and have a look!

Live broadcast time: 5pm on Sep.9~7pm on Sep.9

Live broadcast portal:

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