Good insulating material must satisfy some chemical mechanical electrical and thermal requirements

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Insulation materials isolate point parts from other parts in a variety of electrical equipment, electrical instruments and meters. They play the role of mechanical support and fixation, as well as arc extinguishing, heat dissipation, energy storage, moisture-proof, mildew proof or improve the electric field potential distribution and protect the conductor. The insulation material adopted and the new technology of reasonable use of insulation material have a significant effect on improving the performance cost ratio and power weight ratio of electrical equipment. In addition, good electrical insulating material must satisfy some chemical mechanical electrical and thermal requirements.

Insulating material is also called dielectric, which can be divided into gas, liquid and solid according to the state of matter. Air, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride and methane are good gas insulated material. Transformer oil, switch oil, capacitor oil, cable oil and other mineral oil, such as dodecyl benzene, polyisobutylene, silicone oil and chemical biphenyl are excellent liquid insulation materials. Solid insulation materials commonly used in insulating paint, paper, cardboard, and fibre products, linoleum, paint tube and binding with insulation fiber impregnated products, mica products, plastic, rubber, electrical glass and ceramic etc.

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