Fence outdoor transformers substation

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Fence outdoor transformers substation adopts three-phase symmetrical three-dimensional structure. Three-phase iron core magnetic circuit of the product is completely symmetrical, magnetic resistance is greatly reduced, excitation current and no-load loss are significantly reduced. It is an energy saving transformer using traditional materials, but with lower operating noise and more compact structure.

Details of fence outdoor transformers substation

Fence outdoor transformers substation adopts cost-effective 30QG105 silicon steel sheet on the basis of the existing equipment and process level. The core structure mainly adopts 45° completely inclined, stepped three joints, column yoke and other sections. This structure can make the no-load loss and no-load current significantly reduced, so as to meet the energy requirements of the transformer.

Features of fence outdoor transformers substation

1. Energy-saving effect is second only to amorphous alloy transformer, it has simple manufacture, low cost and high cost performance ratio.

2. Compared with the transformer with three-dimensional coil core structure, it is easy to maintain and facilitate the connection of users.

3. The high and low voltage coils are made of oxygen-free copper wire and wound into cylindrical coils, which improves the overall anti-short-circuit ability of the transformer and the movement of the products.

4. Thermal stability.

5. High reliability and stable product operation.

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