Cutting tools and precautions of aqua epoxy insulating plate FR4 epoxy rods

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Use electrical insulation laminated sheet cutting machine.


1. It is strictly prohibited to stand in the front rotation direction of the saw blade to prevent debris from flying and injuring people!

2. Operators shall wear protective glasses, masks and other labor protection products;

3. Patients with illness or fatigue are strictly prohibited to operate the equipment!

4. It is strictly prohibited to operate the cutting machine in the opposite direction;

5. At any time, any part of the body is not allowed to be near the saw blade running at high speed. Stop the machine before taking the object near the saw blade!!

6. This cutting machine is only suitable for sawing wood, plastic board and electrical insulation laminated sheet or FR4 epoxy rods,etc. and is strictly prohibited for sawing metal materials;

7. Before use, check whether the saw blade is loose, whether there is foreign body stuck on the saw blade, and whether the cutter is broken or damaged. The abnormal situation must be excluded to avoid accidents before using.


1. Before use, check whether the power cord is in good condition, then close the power switch, run the cutting machine without load to see whether the operation is normal;

2. Determine the size of aqua epoxy insulating plate FR4 epoxy rods as required, and clamp the plate with positioning clamp;

3. Close the power switch, push the slide at a uniform speed with proper force to avoid blocking and damage of the saw;

4. Turn off the power after use, clean the sundries on the working table, and keep the surrounding sanitation.

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