Problems that epoxy glass fiber tube diameter 990 mm supplier Alibaba will meet

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When the epoxy glass fiber tube pipe diameter 990 mm with good quality is produced by the insulation sheet manufacturer, the surface color should be consistent without color difference. And the glue distribution should be uniform, without loose glue phenomenon or stratification phenomenon in cutting and processing. However, problems of one kind or another will occur in the actual epoxy glass fiber tube pipe manufacturing process. Therefore, a series of problems in the production of insulating tubes are summarized by epoxy glass fiber tube pipe manufacturers.

1. It is difficult to unmold and unplug the tube core. Firstly, consider whether the mold release agent is reasonable, then consider whether the coating is uniform, and then whether the shrinkage rate and taper of the mold and tube core design is appropriate and whether the cure is complete.

2. The appearance of the insulation epoxy glass fiber tube pipe is wrinkled. When putting the core billet into the mold, check whether the center is right after loading, otherwise the outer glass cloth will wrinkle, causing them corrugate.

3. The epoxy glass fiber tube pipe has the white spot. White spot is caused by local glue that are not fully impregnated. Glue filling too fast did not saturate the core billet. Glue viscosity too big did not saturate the core billet, and the core billet is locally contaminated by oil stains and the glue penetration is difficult.

4. There are bubbles on the surface of epoxy glass fiber tube pipe. The degassing time of the glue solution before filling is not enough, so that there are small bubbles in the glue solution or the vacuum drying of the core blank is not enough. The grey cloth contains moisture, or the vacuum degree is too high when soaking the glue, which leads to the vaporization of the glue.

5. The surface color of epoxy glass fiber tube pipe is not uniform. Improper design of mold heating system, uneven heating temperature or gel, precuring temperature is too high, which results in local overheating.

6. The insulation tube blisters. The products in the process of leaching rubber exhaust improperly or gel pre-curing time is not enough. Or the formulation of glue is wrong, resulting in

blistering during curing.

7. The epoxy glass fiber tube pipe is cracked. Small cracks on the surface of the product are caused by too thick glue on the surface. And cracks on the inside are caused by internal stress caused by too high temperature of gel pre-curing. After curing, the product should be cooled slowly to eliminate the stress and prevent the surface and inner layer cracking.

8. The epoxy glass fiber tube pipe manufacturer is short of glue when producing. We should accurately check the batching calculation and the accuracy of the gauge.

These are some common problems during the production of epoxy glass fiber tube pipe diameter 990 mm, I hope to help you.

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