The function of epoxy resin sheets epoxy glass plates for mutual inductor

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The function of epoxy resin sheets epoxy glass plates for mutual inductor

Mutual inductor, also known as transformer, is mainly used in voltage division. Its surface needs to be covered by epoxy resin sheets epoxy glass plates, so as to ensure the normal use of the mutual inductor. Many friends do not know what role this design will play. Let me introduce it to you.

1. Epoxy resin sheets insulation of mutual inductor

Epoxy resin insulation sheet, as the name implies, is to conduct insulation. Miniature current transformers are similar to transformers. They also work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, transformers change voltage while miniature current transformers change current. In order to ensure the safe operation of the mutual inductor and prevent the short circuit and fault caused by conduction, insulation of epoxy resin sheets is very necessary.

2. Mutual inductor epoxy glass plates ensure accuracy

With the development of The Times, electricity measurement has mostly reached digitization. The secondary current of the micro current transformer is milliampere level, which mainly serves as a bridge between the large current transformer and sampling. And the motor insulating paper on the mutual inductor has the characteristic of thickness tolerance standard, which can add to the accuracy of the number.

3. Mutual inductor epoxy glass plate is anti-static

We are familiar with static electricity, especially in the dry winter. According to the data, static electricity can make pregnant women's estrogen rise, and has a certain harm to people's heart. This kind of situation can be avoided by using anti-static composite insulation epoxy glass plate in the framework of the mutual inductor.

Now you should have a clear understanding of the role of the insulation epoxy glass plate on the mutual inductor. It can not only play an insulating role, but also ensure the accuracy and anti-static function of the machine, and improve the safety of the machine we use. Therefore, the epoxy resin sheets epoxy glass plates are very necessary to make the use of the machine more reasonable.

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