Factories and companies that require FR4 glass epoxy sheet

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With the development of the electrical and electronic industry, insulation materials will have great development in terms of quantity and variety, quality and performance, manufacturing and application, testing and evaluation and basic theoretical research, etc. As for factories and companies that require FR4 glass epoxy sheet material, the development trend of insulation sheet manufacturers in 2020 and the future can be summarized as follows:

(1) Develop high voltage resistant insulating materials. Research of epoxy powder mica tape insulation used for 1000MW generator set, and (750 ~ 1000) kV extra high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment. They ask for insulating materials with high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss, good corona resistant ability, high mechanical properties, especially thermal state mechanical properties. The insulation material is close-grained without air gap overall, in order to meet the development of modern power equipment and power transmission and transformation equipment towards the direction of the high voltage and large capacity.

(2) Develop high heat-resistant insulating materials like FR4 material. The insulation of small and medium-sized motors is promoted from Grade E and B to Grade F, H and C to realize the special motor. For example, metallurgy, lifting, steel rolling, coal mine, dc motor insulation class H, traction motor insulation class C, etc., we need to make the motor volume shrinking and improve reliability, but also should develop good thermal shock, high strength castable.

(3) Develop flame retardant insulation materials. Due to the development of urban buildings to high-rise and the extensive use of household appliances, the flame retardancy of insulating materials and engineering plastics in electrical appliances is more and more demanding. Insulation materials used in aviation, water transport and mining electrical appliances must also be flame retardant and self-extinguishing, and must meet UL standards to ensure people's safety. Halogen-free flame retardant is a trend of future development.

(4) Develop pollution-free insulation materials. Mankind's understanding of the living environment has been further improved. To reduce the environmental pollution of insulating materials in the process of production, processing and use, all countries have written provisions. They restrict the use of organic solvents and harmful solvents, solvent-free paint, water soluble paint, high solids paint, no pollution insulation paint, powder coatings, hot melt resin and phenol-free enameled wire paint, etc.

(5) Develop insulation materials that save energy and reduce consumption. Reducing the energy and material consumption of insulating materials in the production, processing and use is one of the important directions of insulating materials development.

(6) Develop special insulating materials. In order to adapt to the development of new energy technology and the development of electrical equipment, insulation materials such as cryogenic resistance, cold resistance, irradiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, freezing resistance, SF6 resistance and high resistance, high medium, high strength, high bomb resistance and low consumption have been developed abroad.

(7) Develop high-performance electronic insulation materials. The rapid development of IT products requires the development of high frequency insulating materials and optoelectronic insulating materials such as third-generation glass cloth copper foil, polyimide multilayer printed circuit boards, dimensionally stable flexible polyimide thin film copper foil, fourth-generation packaging materials and new layer coatings.

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