Why choose epoxy tube as transformer fuse housing?

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We all know that transformer fuses play a role in protecting the safe operation of circuits. When the current exceeds the safe value, the circuit is disconnected by the fuse to protect the important components in the circuit, and avoid burning the circuit or even causing a fire. The selection of fuses is very important to transformers. This article mainly talks about why epoxy tubes are used as transformer fuse shells.

There are two common types of transformer housings:

1. Ceramic tube:

Advantages: low cost

Commonly used fields: suitable for use in equipment with low product voltage and low current. Since the energy of the fuse is small when it is broken, the expansion pressure generated inside the shell is also small.

Disadvantages: Can not be used in high pressure environment, easy to crack.

2.Resin tube:

Advantages: high physical hardness and high compressive strength.

Generally, they are suitable for use in equipment with high voltage and high current. Because the fuse has a large energy when it is broken, the inside of the shell will generate a large expansion pressure. The compressive strength of ordinary porcelain tubes cannot withstand the fuse. The explosive pressure generated inside when breaking, such as using ceramic shells, can easily cause the product to burst and cause accidents. In order to meet the technical requirements, a stronger epoxy resin tube must be used.

Commonly used fields: suitable for transformers with higher voltage

Disadvantage: high cost

From the above introduction to the two, it can be seen that the fuse is best to use epoxy resin tubes in the case of high voltage and high current. Although the cost of epoxy tubes is high, in order to meet the pressure resistance requirements, it is still necessary to use Stronger epoxy tubing.

The two types can be distinguished by the appearance color, the ceramic tube is white, and the epoxy resin tube is green. Both of them can meet the standard requirements in terms of insulation performance, but the epoxy resin tube is better in terms of strength.

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