• Diamond Dotted Paper DDP

    2020-11-03  |  By: ZTELEC  |  104click


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  • MSDS of electrical insulation paper diamond dotted insulating paper(DDP)

    2020-10-29  |  By: ZTELEC  |  117click

    Electrical insulation paper diamond dotted insulating paper(DDP) is mainly used as a key insulating material for foil coils and non-paint coils in transformers and other electrical appliances. ...

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  • Delivery site of electrical pressboard for UAE

    2020-10-29  |  By: ZTELEC  |  88click

    This order of electrical pressboard is mainly used for oil transformers. There are many insulating materials involved in oil transformers, including: electrical pressboard, diamond dotted paper(DDP), oil duct brace, silicon steel sheet, etc....

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  • Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch

    2020-09-14  |  By: ZTELEC  |  164click

    Diamond dot transformer insulation paper 12inch is widely used in the insulation between layers and between turns of oil-immersed power transformers. When used, the coating layer starts to melt at a certain temperature during the coil drying...

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  • Product characteristic and application of DDP insulation paper

    2020-09-02  |  By: ZTELEC  |  85click

    Diamond dotted paper (DDP) insulation paper is an insulating material with special modified epoxy resin in the form of rhombus on electrical insulating paper. The products are widely used in the interlayer insulation and interturn insulation...

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  • DDP

    2020-11-03  |  By: ZTELEC  |  194click

    Diamond dotted insulating paper (DDP) is made of electrical Kraft paper coated on one side or both sides with modified special epoxy resin in diamond-shaped form. It applies to oil-immersed power transformer, high voltage motors....

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