S11 Oil-immersed Transformer for the Philippines plastic factory

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In September this year, we delivered 2 sets of S11-1000KVA/34.5-0.4KV Oil-immersed to the Philippine plastic factory.

The customer purchased the S11 oil-immersed transformer this time. In the following, I will introduce the advantages of this transformer.

1. About Oil-immersed Transformer

The Oil-immersed transformer is one of the essential pieces of equipment in the power supply and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings. 

2. The advantage of an oil-immersed transformer

  • When running at rated capacity, the overload capacity of oil-type transformers is better.
  • For transformers of the same capacity, the price of an Oil-immersed Transformer is much lower than the purchase price of dry-type transformers.

3. About S11 Oil-immersed Transformer

S11  Oil-immersed Transformer is a fully sealed transformer. Compared with ordinary oil-immersed transformers, the oil conservator is eliminated. The change in oil volume is automatically adjusted and compensated by the elasticity of the corrugated sheet of the corrugated oil tank. The transformer is isolated from the air to prevent and Slow down the deterioration of oil and insulation aging, enhance operational reliability, maintenance-free normal operation.

4. Advantage of S11 Oil-immersed Transformer

  1. The transformer core is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which greatly reduces no-load loss and no-load current, and binds the core to ensure the tightness of the core and reduce noise.
  2. The high and low-voltage windings are made of oxygen-free copper. The low-voltage windings of 500KVA and below adopt a double-layer cylindrical structure, and the high-voltage windings adopt a multi-layer cylindrical system.
  3. The transformer connection group adopts Dyn11 to reduce the influence of harmonics on the power grid and improve the power supply quality.
  4. The transformer is a fully sealed structure, prolonging the service life, free of hanging cores, and maintenance-free.
  5. The measured noise value is lower than the standard.

5. Package of s11 Oil-immersed Transformer-ZTelec Group

6. Summary

S11 Oil-immersed Transformer is very suitable for factory use. First, the factory has sufficient transformer installation positions, so there is no need to worry about safety; Secondly, the price advantage is obvious, the price is lower than that of dry-type transformers, the loss is small, and the Overload capability is trustworthy.

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