Niu Yujie accompanied Iranian customers to visit the Xuchang factory on July 28, 2023

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Date: July 28, 2023
Location: Company Headquarters, Xuchang, China
Today, I had the privilege of documenting a very important event – a visit by our company’s Iranian client. The main person accompanying this visit is my respected colleague Niu Yujie, who as our company's business development manager has been actively promoting the development of international business.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, Niu Yujie warmly welcomed our Iranian customers at the door of the company, which represented the friendly start of business cooperation between the two countries. The customer delegation consisted of senior representatives of the National Electricity Company of Iran, who showed strong interest in our company's high-performance transformers and insulation materials products.
In the welcome area, we organized a short and warm welcome ceremony to express our warm welcome and gratitude to our customers. Later, Niu Yujie guided customers to visit our company's production line and R&D center. He explained our company's production process, quality control standards, and latest research and development results in detail. Customers spoke highly of our company's high-tech equipment and professional team and expressed their confidence in future cooperation.
At noon, we arranged a delicious traditional Chinese luncheon, providing customers with a relaxed and pleasant communication environment. At the dinner table, Niu Yujie took the initiative to introduce Chinese food culture, which enhanced cultural exchanges between China and Iran.
In the afternoon, we had an in-depth business discussion and discussed in detail future cooperation projects between the two parties. Niu Yujie made the discussion a complete success with his excellent negotiation skills and professional knowledge. In the end, the two parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention on a large-scale dry substation project, laying a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation.
During the entire visit, Niu Yujie demonstrated a high degree of business literacy and excellent leadership, winning a good reputation for our company. His professional performance not only deepened the cooperative relationship with Iranian customers, but also established a good image of the company in terms of international business development.
This visit by Iranian customers is not only a successful business exchange, but also a new starting point for international cooperation. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with Iranian customers in the future, and the company's international business will usher in more brilliant development.

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