Work together to create brilliance - UAE customers warmly visited our Insulation material factory

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Dear partners and customers,
We are pleased to announce that recently, our company was fortunate to welcome two outstanding colleagues, Ms. Xu Yuanshuai and Ms. Gao Xuehui, who together led a group of distinguished customers from the United Arab Emirates to visit our factory for an in-depth visit and exchange.

Welcome reception and warm guidance

Welcoming this valuable customer team, our colleagues Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui showed their excellent leadership skills, personally greeted the customers and enthusiastically guided the visit. Under their guidance, customers had an in-depth understanding of our company's production processes and product lines.

Professional product display: from fiberglass to insulation materials

The customer team first had an in-depth understanding of our company's fiberglass products. Colleagues Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui introduced in detail the unique design, high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology of fiberglass products. Customers have shown great interest in these high-performance products and expressed their admiration for our company's innovative capabilities.
Then, we moved to the insulation products area. Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui patiently answered customers' questions and introduced the characteristics and application fields of each product. Through professional explanations, customers gained a deeper understanding of the wide range of applications of our company's insulation materials in electrical engineering.

Technical explanation and transformer product debut

In the transformer production line, colleagues Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui provided customers with comprehensive technical explanations. Customers had a close look at the transformer assembly process and quality inspection process. Colleagues Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui gave customers a clearer understanding of our company's strength in the field of transformers with their professional attitudes and simple explanations.

Take a group photo and go to the future together

After the visit, everyone shared this exciting moment and took a group photo. This group photo witnesses our joint efforts and cooperation, and also heralds a better future.
What is even more exciting is that the UAE customer team not only expressed great satisfaction with our products during the visit, but also reached multiple product purchase agreements with our company. This cooperation will open up a broader market for our company and write a new glorious chapter with customers in the UAE.

Thanks and looking forward to future cooperation

Thanks to colleagues Xu Yuanshuai and Gao Xuehui for their careful organization and warm reception, and thanks to the customers from the United Arab Emirates for visiting. We sincerely look forward to working hand in hand with the UAE customer team in the future to create a more brilliant tomorrow.
Let us work together to create a better future!
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