Japanese ETFE raw material supplier successfully signed a cooperation project with our company

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The Japanese ETFE raw material supplier successfully signed a cooperation project with our ztelecgroup company, leaving a wonderful moment of cooperation.
Our company was honored to welcome a delegation of Japanese ETFE raw material suppliers for a two-day visit and discussion of cooperation matters. During this period, we jointly discussed cooperation opportunities in technical cooperation, business development and other aspects, and successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
Japanese ETFE raw
The delegation first visited our company's production base and R&D center. During the visit, our company's technical experts introduced our research and development results and production processes in the field of ETFE products to the Japanese guests in detail. At the same time, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on the latest technology trends, market needs, etc.
During the subsequent business negotiations, we had a heated discussion on the specific details of cooperation. The two parties reached a consensus on the positioning, scope of cooperation, and marketing of the cooperation project, and unanimously decided to work together to promote the implementation and implementation of the project.
Japanese ETFE raw material supplier
When the cooperation agreement was officially signed, we arranged a brief and warm signing ceremony. Representatives from both sides showed bright smiles at the moment of signing the document, witnessing this important moment. In order to capture this moment forever, we also specially arranged a group photo. In the company lobby, the Japanese delegation took a group photo with the person in charge of our company, leaving a wonderful moment of this cooperation.
Japanese ETFE raw material supplier
This cooperation not only introduced Japan's most advanced ETFE raw material technology to our company, but also built a closer cooperation bridge between the two parties. We believe that through joint efforts, this cooperation project will bring mutual success to both parties and achieve more innovations and breakthroughs in the ETFE field. Looking forward to future win-win cooperation!

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