How to store FR4 electrical insulation fiberglass sheet well?

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In the daily production, we must prepare the FR4 electrical insulation fiberglass sheet well first, and we’d better not wait until the time to use FR4 electrical insulation fiberglass sheet. After our FR4 fiberglass sheets are transported to the workshop, how should they be stored? Because under different circumstances, it will affect the performance of our insulation sheet, so what should we pay attention to the storage of insulation board? Ztelec Group will take you to understand.

1. Fire prevention. Although FR4 fiberglass sheets are flame-retardant insulation boards, some other insulation boards are not flame-retardant. In the process of storage, we should keep away from the fire source and power supply, and they should not be placed with flammable or explosive materials.

2. Prevent fade. Different electrical insulation sheets like FR4 fiberglass sheets have professional colour. The place where insulation boards are placed cannot insolate below sunshine, because long insolation will easily fade. FR4 fiberglass sheets also avoid acid and alkaline cleaning.

3. Be mouldproof. Electrical insulation sheets like FR4 fiberglass sheets should be mouldproof. If they are placed in a particularly humid place, and the factory is on the first floor, light is not seen all year round, it is dark and damp in the workshop, then the electrical insulation sheets will be easy to mould. This will affect the performance of the product.

4. Insect control. In some factories, there will be mice when they cook their own food. Mice and some insects will bite the electrical insulation sheets, which will lead to damage to the plates. We also need pay attention to this point.

These are some opinions about electrical insulation sheet storage strategy of Ztelec Group after you buy the insulation board. Ztelec Group will suggest you make a budget. You can have a bulk purchase. Many clients here can choose regular shipment. We must pay attention to ventilation of insulation boards. If the humidity is too high, it will cause the insulation of the product to become low, which will not work, we should be careful.

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