3240 epoxy resin fast curing laminating thin epoxy sheet

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Is 3240 epoxy resin fast curing laminating thin sheet flame retardant? What are the properties of the 3240 epoxy sheet?

In the introduction of 3240 epoxy resin fast curing laminating thin sheet, we have introduced the insulation of the 3240 epoxy board in depth. Since different manufacturers have different introduction of the 3240 epoxy sheet, what are the other characteristics? Some manufacturers have a lot of questions about whether 3240 epoxy boards are flame retardant, Ztelec Group will give you a detailed talk.

Main performance of 3240 epoxy resin fast curing laminating thin sheet is insulation. 3240 epoxy plate has certain insulation under the voltage of the dielectric. And 3240 also has a lot of advantages of the physical properties, such as low weight, lighter than traditional metal. Water absorption performance is low, not easy be affected with damp. Also its compressive strength is high enough, which make it replace metal well in many places. In the process of mechanical processing, it is more resistant to impact, bending and other properties, and has shown good performance.

The flame retardant performance of 3240 epoxy plate is bad. If you want epoxy board with good flame retardant performance, you can go to Ztelec Group epoxy plate manufacturers to purchase FR4 fiberglass sheet. This product has good flame retardant properties, and supplement each other. I’m trying to say here is that the epoxy sheets you want are available here in Ztelec Group. We mainly carry out reasonable product analysis according to the manufacturer's demand.

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