A hard porous crepe insulation paper

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Where is a hard porous crepe insulation paper used?

It is very effective to use hard porous crepe insulation paper instead of yellow varnished cloth to insulate oil-immersed transformer leads. Some foreign manufacturers have widely used it, and some domestic companies have used it too. The use of hard porous crepe insulation paper as lead insulation not only has high insulation performance, good wrapping technology, and the cost is also very significantly reduced.

What role does hard porous crepe insulation paper play in transformer leads?

Hard porous crepe insulation paper is mainly used for transformer binding leads.

1. Because crepe insulation paper can form oil-paper insulation combination with transformer oil. They have close permittivity. It makes the electric field in between more uniform.

2. The lead needs to bend, crepe insulation paper can be bent with the lead, and will not break, which meets its mechanical requirements.

How to prevent the aging of hard porous crepe insulation paper, you should pay attention to the following five points:

1. Prevent the crepe insulation paper in a high temperature environment. Because the life of insulation crepe paper will be halved, every time the ambient temperature goes up by 8 degrees Celsius.

2. Avoid light and radiation. Because light and radiation will change the molecular structure of insulation, and reduce the insulation strength.

3. Avoid contacting with corrosive chemical gas or liquid, because these will make the insulation performance denaturation of insulation crepe paper, and reduce the insulation strength.

4. Clean means of transport with protective measures should be used in transportation, and contaminated materials should not be transported together; In handling and stacking, the crepe paper is not allowed to be thrown from high places.

5. Crepe insulation paper should be properly kept in case of rain, snow, ground moisture, acid, alkali and chemical gas influence. The operating environment should be kept clean and hygienic.

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