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Good news! The FR4 fiberglass sheet and ESD FR4 sheet of ZTelec Group for Singapore are ready for delivery. This time, our Singapore customer ordered 40 ESD FR4 sheets and 40 FR4 fiberglass sheets. Their ESD FR4 sheets are used for electronic test fixture. Because our quality inspection department is very strict about quality. Before delivery, the quality inspection department personnel will use megohmmeter to test the anti-static index of ESD FR4 anti-static sheet; We have very pleasant cooperation with our Singapore customers this time.

Pre-shipment test of ESD FR4 sheet

Description of black ESD FR4 sheet

Black ESD FR4 sheet is a kind of composite material made by compressing fiberglass cloth and anti-static resin with high mechanical strength. Its resistance value is 106-108Ω and it possesses stable anti-static performance, high mechanical strength, excellent processability, thermal and moisture resistance.

Application of black ESD FR4 sheet

Black ESD FR4 sheet possesses good anti-static effect that can be divided into local effect of product surface and overall effect of the whole product with equal anti-static value of every part, the former is suitable for making worktable, and the later is suitable for making moulds and fixtures and so on. Black anti-static fiberglass board can be widely used in the construction of factory building (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.), shelter of equipment in the clean room, spatial partition of clean room, clean equipment, observation window and equipment cover, electronic test fixture, etc.

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