GPO3 machined parts material to be shipped to USA

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On September 29, 2020, the GPO3 machined parts material for the United States began to be shipped. The GPO3 produced by ZTelec Group has a history of 62 years. Now I will explain GPO3 to you in detail.

What is GPO3?

GPO-3 is a hard plate-like insulating material made of alkali free glass fiber felt soaked in unsaturated polyester resin paste and added with corresponding additives by hot pressing. It has good electrical performance under high humidity environment and good mechanical performance under medium temperature. It is characterized by flame retardant, arc resistance and anti-leakage starting mark.

Do you know the specifications and performance of GPO3 material?

Specification: 0.8~100mm 1000×1200mm or 1220×2400mm

Color: red, white, brown, etc

Electrical insulation of GPO3 material insulation board : All electrical insulation laminate products are inherently high quality insulators. In this definition, it is widely used in the field of engineering technology in the field of electrical and other physical industries according to the hierarchical characteristics of the rules and the special function of its special optimization.

Where is GPO3 used?

Application of GPO-3 laminate in circuit breakers: frame circuit breakers; safety baffles, safety shutters, spacer gaskets, interphase baffles, etc.

The application of plastic shell circuit breaker: interphase baffle board, arc extinguishing chamber and so on.

Used in motor motor: motor armature components, movable cover plate, slot wedge stator, fixed gasket, thin gasket, carbon brush special material and other materials

Common applications in switch: front/back end, top end, bottom end, interphase separator in the system of the separator, etc

Other applications: arc-resistant structural parts. GPO3 physical insulation materials are widely used in low-voltage electrical insulation materials in Europe, the United States and other countries.

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