Sudden event! Another Chinese leading resin enterprise exploded! Each big resin enterprise stops selling! Rise in price!

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Recently, two people were injured in a explosion at the Guodu Chemical Resin plant - a leading resin enterprise in China, and the fire was brought under control within an hour. According to an insider, Guodu resin has three sets of devices, all of which are isolated. The explosion was probably caused by dry weather and dust. The specific reason is under further investigation.

According to insiders, the dust explosion caused by BISphenol A is the main cause of accidents in epoxy resin manufacturers. Currently, epoxy resin enterprises generally have two ways to avoid such accidents. One is to connect the pipe underground for electrostatic discharge. Another is the use of steam in the feeding process to reduce electrostatic generation. In addition, the operator's uniform also has anti-static role. Multiple measures can effectively prevent accidents.

It is understood that Guodu Chemical also produces polyether products in addition to the production of epoxy resin. The production process of polyether is relatively dangerous. As early as 2019, it stopped production for nearly half a year and then withdrew from the polyether market. At present, Guodu Chemical mainly produces epoxy resin, with an annual output of about 150,000 tons and a monthly output of about 12,000-13,000 tons, ranking top five in the industry.

A number of Chinese resin enterprises stops selling, the price continues to rise

After the accident, the entire resin industry in China waves again, some manufacturers have been sealed not to quote. Some resin enterprises also begin to significantly increase the price, some individual enterprises increase the price by 2 times within 2 hours. The industry insider predicts that resin price is likely to rise on the basis of original price 3000-5000RMB/ton in China.

Recently, the domestic epoxy resin market in China is running at a high level, and the negotiated price of solid epoxy resin is around 16,800RMB/ton (freight included). A number of Chinese epoxy resin enterprises have begun to plan for a large-scale price increase. The sudden safety accident in Guodu resin plant is bound to cause tension among local enterprises, and even more tension in the resin industry of China.

In addition to bring tension to the resin industry, it may also cause the safety production inspection in Kunshan region, or even the entire Jiangsu province, China. But also it will have a certain impact on normal production of the local epoxy resin enterprises, other raw materials and coating enterprises.

According to public information, Guodu Chemical Co., Ltd. , the famous resin manufacturer, is jointly invested by Guodu Chemical Co., Ltd. of South Korea and Solectron Chemical Co., LTD. Of Japan. Founded in 1972, Guodu Chemical Corporation is one of the world's leading producers of epoxy resins and curing agents.

The rise in the price of epoxy resins in China will inevitably affect the price of epoxy fiberglass sheets

As we all know, the main raw material of epoxy fiberglass sheet is made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. The large-scale price rise of epoxy resin will make the epoxy board price rise to a large extent. Today, the shortage of epoxy materials will affect the production of many insulation materials manufacturers, because there is no raw materials, how to talk about making epoxy boards. Therefore, ZTelec Group would like to remind the customers who may need epoxy fiberglass sheets, please consider to place an order immediately. Because we predict that the price of epoxy fiberglass sheet is expected to rise in the future! So my friends, come and grab the chance to purchase!

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