FR4 boards no copper thickness 5mm specification

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Air conditioning is the electrical equipment that is familiar to us, especially in the cold winter of south. Air conditioning becomes one of the important ways that people keep warm. Do you know which kind of insulating material is used for air conditioners? You want to know? I think you can't wait to find out. All right, don't keep me in suspense. And then we go down.

Let me first tell you that the insulation material used on the air conditioner is FR4 boards with no copper.

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, air conditioning can not only bring people comfortable environment, green environment is also inevitable. The FR4 boards with no copper is green plate, passed the ROHS regulations. And its anti-arc ability is very strong, but also provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of air conditioning. After a long time of exploration and research, this FR4 board with no copper has become the most popular insulation material for air conditioning.

Next, I will specifically talk about the advantages of FR4 boards with no copper for air conditioning.

(1) High temperature resistance. If the air conditioner is open for a long time, the machine itself will have heat generation. It will be certainly harmful for the performance of insulating materials. The temperature resistance of FR4 boards with no copper is 160 degree. As long as the temperature does not exceed this, the boards will not appear deformation, splitting and other adverse conditions. And no temperature has risen above that yet.

(2) Good toughness and easy processing performance. Today's air conditioners come in various forms, three-dimensional, wall-mounted, and have different sizes and specifications. This characteristic of FR4 boards with no copper can be processed into a variety of plates, adapted to a variety of different forms of air conditioning processing.

(3) Good hand feeling. The surface of FR4 board is flat, without uneven phenomenon. It also feels very warm and moist. It can meet the needs of high-end air conditioning equipment, it can be said to bring out the best in each other.

(4) High mechanical strength. Even if a long time of vibration, stretching and other circumstances, it has very little impact on its performance of FR4 boards with no copper, and it will not affect its service life.

(5) Bright colors. Bright color of FR4 boards with no copper not only make the whole air conditioning equipment appear energetic, but also save time for the maintenance and detection greatly, because you can find it very quickly.

Through the above description, I think we have a certain understanding of the advantages of FR4 boards with no copper used in air conditioning. Of course if you want to know more about its performance parameters, purpose, and so on., you can browse through the site of ZTelec Group, which will definitely fill your appetite.

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