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After receiving the phenolic paper tubes of ZTelec Group, the Sri Lankan customer indicated that the quality was very good and would like to place a second order. The Sri Lanka customer sent two photos of the scene. The phenolic paper tubes purchased by them this time was mainly used in the motor.

Introduction of phenolic paper tube

Phenolic paper laminate tube is made of insulating wrapped paper impregnated with phenolic resin, baked and cured by heating, rolling and pressing. It can be used in transformer oil.

The surface of phenolic paper laminating tube should be flat, the inner wall is allowed to have slight wrinkles, bubbles and core die indentation that do not affect the vertical resistance voltage. The end face should be cut neatly, and the end face with a wall thickness of over 13mm is allowed to have a slight crack.

Experimental methods of phenolic paper tube:

(1) Appearance, color: can be observed and evaluated by eye.

(2) The dimension and deviation allowed: as per GB/T5132.

(3) Machining performance shall be subject to the agreement of both parties.

(4) Thermal stability, bending strength, loss factor: as per JB/T3172.

(5) Vertical layer, parallel layer voltage resistance: as per GB/T1408.

(6) Others are implemented in accordance with GB/T5132 and JB/T3172.

Application tips of phenolic paper tube:

(1) The laminated phenolic paper pipe and metal properties are different, the processing should be according to JB/Z141.

(2) The laminate phenolic paper tube has small thermal conductivity, so the machining should use small feed and high cutting speed.

(3) The laminate phenolic paper tube is liable to be exposed to moisture after processing, it can be coated with insulation paint for moisture-proof treatment.

(4) The laminate phenolic paper tube can produce a lot of dust and smell easily when machining, so should strengthen ventilation dust removal and worker labor protection.

(5) The laminate phenolic paper tube is processed by dry method, and its use is easily affected by its dielectric properties due to the wet method (water cooling)

Matters needing attention of phenolic paper tube:

(1) We should pay attention to moistureproof during product storage and transportation.

(2) The product storage period is 1 year when stored in dry, well-ventilated environment.

(3) The product can still be used after passing the inspection after the storage period.

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