ZTelec Group annual outdoor training activity

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From April 9th to 10th, 2021, ZTelec Group held the annual outdoor training activity, the purpose of this outward bound training is to help participants to know themselves, stimulate their personal potential, and make objective self-positioning; Enhance self-confidence, overcome psychological inertia, hone the perseverance to overcome difficulties, and face the challenges of work and life more objectively.

In addition, effective measures were taken to improve the interpersonal relationship, so that everyone could learn to care, motivate, trust each other, and cooperate with others and groups harmonously, so as to achieve the group consistency, and form a tacit cooperation among team members, forming a positive, unity and mutual assistance team atmosphere.

In the process of the activity, ZTelec Group staff supported each other and actively discussed with each other. Each group achieved satisfactory results. Finally, the coach made a summary and comment on the performance of the staff in the outreach training. With the employees' thinking about life and work, this outward bound training activity was successfully completed.

The training improved the staff's sense of responsibility, executive ability, communication ability, team cooperation ability and team cohesion. Through the interesting games, they realized the importance of "unity, cooperation, trust and communication", and laid a good foundation for the staff to better integrate into the future work.

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