Material and structure design of epoxy filament wound fiberglass winding tube

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Epoxy filament wound fiberglass winding tubes make the FRP products chemically unaffected and corrosion-free. FRP is a kind of composite material, which uses fiberglass and fiberglass cloth, tape, felt, yarn and so on as the reinforcing material, and is made of synthetic resin as the base material. Its intensity is equivalent to steel, it also contains vitreous component and has the performance such as colour and lustre, body, anticorrosion, electric insulation and heat insulation, so it is called "vitreous steel" by people.

Due to its long service life, low cost, reliable performance, no maintenance, beautiful appearance, designable, easy to clean, it can be used as structural materials, and it is also generally applicable to civil construction, production, breeding, life and other aspects.

Filament wound tubing uses resin (food grade resin for drinking water transportation), glass fiber, quartz sand as raw materials, and is made by special process.

Structural design of fiberglass winding tube:

1. The diameter is the inside diameter, while the outside diameter and length are designed according to the customer's requirements.

2. Structure and optimized mechanical auxiliary layer design of glass fiber reinforced winding make the product have high bending strength, excellent mechanical properties, which are suitable for heavy earthquake areas.

3. It adds high temperature resistant resin, which can be used for making hollow bushing of SF6 high voltage circuit breaker arcing chamber under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

4. Internal resistance to SF6 gas decomposition products and compounds corrosion.

5. Excellent insulation performance, local discharge less than 5pC6, SF6 high voltage switch, mutual inductor composite hollow bushing winding pipe.

6. Winding pipe for transformer tap switch.

7. We can provide various specifications of winding pipe according to the user design.

8. Take the inside diameter as the standard, and the outside diameter and length can be made according to users' needs.

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