Standard and classification of FR4 fiberglass sheet

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Standard and classification of FR4 fiberglass sheet

FR4 Industry Association

NEMA is a material standard stipulated by The American Electrical Manufacturers Association, and the corresponding standard of IEC international Electrical Works Committee is EPGC202. There is no domestic standard completely corresponding to it.

The closest national standard is 3240 epoxy fiberglass cloth laminated sheet, the corresponding IEC standard is EPGC201. There is only a difference in flame retardant performance between EPGC201 and EPGC202. Therefore, FR4 fiberglass sheet can be simply considered as an improved product with enhanced flame retardant performance of 3240.

Classification of FR4 fiberglass sheet

The surface colors of FR4 flame retardant epoxy resin fiberglass laminate sheet material are:

Yellow FR4, white FR4, black FR4, blue FR4, etc.

FR4 fiberglass sheet is the substrate used in PCB and is a type of sheet material. According to the different reinforcement materials, the sheet materials are mainly classified into the following four types:

1) FR4: Glass cloth substrate

2) FR1, FR2, etc. : Paper substrate

3) CEM series: Composite substrate

4) Special material substrates (ceramic, metal substrates, etc.)

FR4 fiberglass sheet is a laminated plate made of special electronic cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and other materials under high temperature and high pressure.

Features: high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance, moisture resistance and good mechanical processing.

Usage: insulation structure parts used in motor and electrical equipment, including various types of switch, FPC reinforced, electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit board, computer drilling pad/jig (PCB test rack), and can be used in humid environment conditions and transformer oil.

Application of FR4 fiberglass sheet

FR4 epoxy glass fiber board (epoxy plate): the main material is imported half curing film. Color is white, yellow and green. It still has high mechanical strength under the normal temperature of 150 ℃. Electrical properties and flame retardant are good under dry and wet state. FR4 fiberglass sheet is used for electrical, electronic and other industries insulation structure parts. FR4 flame retardant epoxy resin fiberglass laminate sheet material adopts imported raw materials, domestic compressor and elaborate manufacturing standard process; The main specifications are 1000*2000 mm and 1020mm*1220mm. Because of the advantages of raw materials, we will ensure superior quality, low price and timely delivery. ZTelec Group has a stable customer base at home and abroad, and enjoys a high reputation.

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