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There are a lot of electrical insulation material like FR4 material manufacturers in china. What are the performance characteristics of the insulating sheets they produce? Why are they so popular?

Insulation boards can have different properties because of different materials and additives, so they are widely applied in different areas. Because the performance characteristics of different areas are not the same, ZTelec Group will give you a knowledge of product advantages and characteristics aimed at the insulation board performance factors, so that you can understand performance of insulation sheet better.

1. Flame retardancy of insulating board

With the continuous demand of the insulation sheet market, the flame retardant of the insulation board has higher requirements. In the development of the flame retardant insulation board, we also continuously improve the fire resistance of the insulation board. The higher the flame retardant, the more safe the insulation board. The flame retardancy here is mainly by adding flame retardants to the material, isolating air and other methods. We improve the insulation of the sheet through the flame retardancy of the material.

2. Insulation of insulating board

In the case that the insulating board is not conductive, it is actually that the arc on the surface of the insulating material is not conductive. Here we have a professional test tool to conduct conduction through two electrodes, so that the conductive layer on the surface of the insulating material lasts longer. The arc property of the insulating board is also judged in this way. The same is true for resistance. In the same conductivity test, the less electrical conductivity is, the better the electrical resistance is.

3. Tensile strength of insulation board

As mechanical industrial parts, we must test tensile strength of insulation board like FR4/G10. For different tensile tests, the control of heating temperature is an important parameter for the tensile strength index of insulating board.

4. Electrical strength of insulation board

This is what we mentioned above electric arc and insulation of the insulation board. We certainly wouldn't say insulation board is infinitely insulated. Here appears the breakdown parameters of the insulation boards, namely, the electric intensity in a certain extent exceeds the breakdown value of insulation board. The higher the breakdown voltage and electric intensity of insulation board, the better.

These are some common performance characteristics of insulation board like FR4. When we are using the product, we should have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the product we want, so that we can master the use method and skills of insulating board better and give full play to the role and effect of the insulating board. For service life of insulation board like FR4/G10, you need see quality control of the factory. ZTelec Group here uses imported insulation board materials and standardized production workshop. Our insulation sheet, especially 3240 epoxy sheet and FR4 fiberglass sheet, has a very big advantage. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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