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The high temperature resistance, insulation, mechanical strength characteristics of G10 material for pistol grips suppliers, I do not need to say more, I think you have already understood. But are you aware of the low shrinkage of G10 material? I think many of you will gently shake your head and say, "I don't know." In fact, this is the purpose of writing this article today.

Why exactly does the G10 material have such a good low shrinkage performance?

This has a lot to do with its molecular reaction. Generally, the epoxy reacts with all curing agents by either direct addition or ring-opening polymerization of the epoxy group in the resin molecule. Almost no volatile substances are released during the whole reaction. More importantly, compared with unsaturated polyester resin and phenolic resin, it showed lower shrinkage during curing. After repeated data, its shrinkage resin was less than 2%.

Now, what's the advantage of low shrinkage G10 material?

(1) The appearance of the G10 material is flat, and there will be no bubbles, delamination and other bad conditions.

(2) Longer service life. The appearance of the G10 material is good, which makes the natural service life of the G10 material better.

So that's the description of the low shrinkage properties of the G10 material for pistol grips suppliers. Welcome to inquire if you have any questions or want to buy G10 material.

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