Filament wound fibreglass 8 inch tube

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Epoxy glass filament wound fibreglass 8 inch tube is a kind of wound tube, which is relatively common in epoxy tube.

The filament wound fibreglass 8 inch tube is characterized by being able to be sized according to the use environment. It is a kind of epoxy glass fiber winding pipe made of high density polyethylene and welded by winding. Due to its unique forming process, the filament wound fibreglass tubes with a diameter of 0.1-3 meters can be customized. However, the larger and longer the epoxy pipes are, the more complex the manufacturing process will be. It is a complete breakthrough in technology, and the products can be customized according to different operating environments.

The filament wound fibreglass 8 inch tube is a kind of glass fiber winding on the fiber tube, and then drying. Existing winding machines include fiber tubes, clamping devices and drying devices.

Firstly, the fiber tube consists of a fiber rod, with a copper piece fixed at each end of the fiber rod. The fiber pipe is placed on the clamping device. Before winding, an iron sleeve should be inserted at both ends of the fiber pipe to avoid fiber winding on the copper piece. Shortcomings are as follows: in order to avoid tube slippage during winding, so iron sleeve are tight fit on both ends of the fiber tube. It is necessary to use hammer and other hard objects to knock the iron sleeve on both ends of the fiber pipe during assembly, which takes time and effort to install. In addition, after wrapping the fiber pipe, the iron sheath needs to be removed, and the iron sheath needs to be knocked down from both ends of the fiber pipe with a hammer and other hard objects, which is troublesome to disassemble, and may even damage the fiber pipe.

Second, the fiber pipe with the iron sleeve is clamped in the clamping device. The existing clamping device includes a three-jaw chuck (clamping mechanism commonly used in machine tools), which inserts one end of the fiber tube into the chuck and then manually rotates the three-jaw fiber tube to clamp it, which is inconvenient for disassembly and installation, and the clamping force is limited; When the fiber is wound with only one end fixed, the fiber tube will be pulled by a tension from the fiber, which will easily cause the fiber tube to have a certain degree of inclination, affecting the winding quality.

The properties of the filament wound fibreglass 8 inch tube are highlighted as follows:

1. Aging resistance, high temperature resistance, no freeze cracking and expansion leakage.

2. Fiber content (weight ratio), 70 ~ 75%.

3. Strong resistance to acid, alkali and salt, corrosion of sewage, waste water and chemicals, corrosion of soil decay, no corrosion.

4. Superior wear resistance than cement pipe and steel pipe, service life is more than 50 years.

5. Strong tensile strength.

We can design the filament wound fibreglass tube with various mechanical properties, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, color requirements, turning (thread/hole/slot, etc.), internal and external surfaces according to your requirements.

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