Fittings for glass epoxy reinforced pipe

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Glass epoxy reinforced pipe(epoxy resin tube) is a commonly used electrical and electronic insulating material. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high voltage and high temperature resistance, high strength and excellent electric heating performance. It can work under 230KV voltage for a long time without fatigue, and the breaking torque of glass epoxy reinforced pipe is greater than 2.6KN·m. It can be used normally even in hot and humid environment.

At present, glass epoxy reinforced pipe has a relatively important application in the industrial field. It is mainly used as high-insulation structural parts for electrical appliances, machinery and electronics, and can play a good insulation role to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. It can be said that glass epoxy reinforced pipe is an indispensable part for many equipment.

Glass epoxy reinforced pipe has a more important role, so try to choose more formal and better brand when choosing. In this way, you will feel more at ease during use. ZTelec Group has been engaged in the production, development and sales of glass epoxy reinforced pipe for 62 years. We have advanced production equipment and technology, quality is more guaranteed, we are a trustworthy glass epoxy reinforced pipe manufacturers for majority of users. If you need fittings for glass epoxy reinforced pipe, ZTelec Group is the best choice for you.

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