The function of insulation crepe laminated pressboard for transformer lead

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The function of insulation crepe laminated pressboard in transformer lead should firstly start from the characteristics of insulation crepe laminated pressboard:

Performance of insulation crepe laminated pressboard:

1. Insulation crepe laminated pressboard has good mechanical strength, high voltage resistance, smooth surface and toughness.

2. The insulation crepe laminated pressboard is convenient for cutting, which can maintain a certain strength after being removed and bent, especially in oil immersion. This feature is very good to protect the transformer lead from being crushed and broken, which meets the requirements of insulation and mechanical performance.

The reason why insulating crepe paper is used in transformer is that insulating crepe paper can form an oil-paper insulation combination with transformer oil. The specific requirements for insulating crepe paper used in transformers are as follows:

1. Insulation crepe paper has high pressure resistance function to ensure good insulation performance.

2. Insulated crepe paper tube has relative mechanical toughness.

3. In addition to high temperature resistance, there should also be thermal insulation performance.

4. Do not produce sensitive phenomena in a humid environment.

5. But also has corrosion resistance function, non-toxic insulation crepe paper.

6. Requirements for the appearance of insulation crepe paper: insulation crepe paper should be uniform. There should be no damage, the phenomenon of choice. At the same time, the cutting edge should be neat, the thickness should be uniform, paper surface should not have any impurities, such as: pinhole, water edge and pulp blocks.

7. Insulation crepe paper should meet the corresponding industry standards.

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