Epoxy glass fibre laminate semi cured

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ZTelec Group is a manufacturer specialized in research and development, production and sales of FR4 epoxy glass fibre laminate sheet for 62 years, this article will introduce the production of epoxy glass fibre laminate semi cured sheet (PP sheet) to you in detail.

Step 1 Preparation of formula resin

Add semi-finished resin, solvent, diluent and filler according to the formula, mix according to the process requirements;

Main equipment: reaction kettle, etc

                                                                                           Production of raw material grey cloth
Step 2 Gluing and semi-curing

The prepared glue solution is coated on the base cloth/paper (fiberglass cloth, cotton cloth, paper) by the gluing equipment according to the technical requirements of the gluing cloth, and then the solvent is evaporated by baking and heating, so that the solid of the resin is evenly retained on the base cloth.

Main equipment: vertical gluing machine, horizontal gluing machine


Step 3 Slice or roll up

Cut the produced grey cloth into fixed size according to the required length or roll it into certain size as required.

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