Kraft cable paper electrical insulation for transformer manufacturer

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Where can buy kraft cable paper electrical insulation for transformer manufacturer? Founded in 1958, ZTelec Group has been focusing on the research and development, production and processing of electrical insulation materials for 62 years, and is a professional electrical kraft cable paper manufacturer. Main products of ZTelec Group: electrical kraft cable paper, insulation capacitor paper, cable paper, insulation board, telephone paper, high voltage cable paper, non-woven cloth, polyester film, insulation red steel paper, insulation paint, imine film and other insulating materials.

Specification and thickness of electrical kraft cable paper: D200 D170 D130 D80 D75 D55 D5

ZTelec Group's products are sold to all provinces and cities throughout the country, is a professional electrical kraft cable paper manufacturer. The product quality of ZTelec Group is good. And the sales price is lower than the same industry. Our company has high credibility. It has been appraized by the administration of industry and commerce as "quality trustworthy enterprise" for many times, which has won high praise from users.

Company tenet of ZTelec Group: "quality, service, reputation, customer first". The guiding ideology is to "grasp the quality, grasp the market, pursue great development, grasp the management, and seek efficiency." Choose ZTelec Group electrical insulation kraft cable paper, you will be free from worry and rest assured.

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