G10 fiberglass sheet material used for windsurf fin surfboard, front wings and stabs

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The G in G10 stands for glass fiber in English, and the number 10 stands for the content of glass fiber at 10%. G10 fiberglass sheet material is synthesized by imported electron-grade glass fiber cloth and imported epoxy resin, with high process and superior performance. G10 fiberglass sheet material has good mechanical properties at high temperature, with certain strength, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and good insulation performance. So the G10 epoxy sheet is widely used to make windsurf fin surfboards, and also front wings and stabs.

G10: Flame retardant grade HB. Electrical performance is still very good in dry and wet state, it is a good choice for high-end electrical insulation parts.

G10 fiberglass sheet material is a plate-like insulating material made of glass fiber cloth soaked in epoxy resin as adhesive by drying and hot-pressing. It has high mechanical properties, water absorption, flame retardant and heat resistance, and stable dielectric property after immersion in water. G10 fiberglass sheet material is suitable for application in high performance electronic insulation requirements of products, such as FPC reinforcement plate, PCB drilling pad, fiberglass meson, glass fiber board potentiometer carbon film printing, precision tour stars gear grinding (chip), precision test plate, electrical equipment insulation stay clapboard, insulating plate, transformer insulation board, motor insulation parts, grinding wheel, electronic switch insulation board, etc.

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