Electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood products

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Electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood products are widely used as insulation and support materials in transformers and mutual inductors. It has the advantages of moderate specific gravity, high mechanical strength, easy vacuum drying, and easy mechanical processing. its dielectric constant is close to transformer oil, reasonable insulation coordination, and it can be used in 105℃ transformer oil for a long time.

Electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood products in oil-immersed transformer are widely used to make top and bottom clamp, supporting frame for leads, iron yoke pad and other parts. It is used to make clamp in the mutual inductor, and it replaces the application of the steel plate, insulation paperboard, epoxy board, epoxy glass cloth laminated board in these aspects, thus reduces the weight of the transformer and material cost.

Electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood products are made of high quality birch wood by steaming, cutting and drying. It is coated with special insulating glue and made by high temperature and high pressure.

Electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood products are a kind of insulation material with good mechanical and electrical properties. In order to reduce the volume and cost of transformers and mutual inductors, it can replace or partially replace the steel structure, epoxy cloth board, epoxy board and other insulating structures in transformers and mutual inductors. Therefore, it is more and more adopted by transformer manufacturers.

Because the existing technology is integrated on the basis of plywood production technology and thermosetting laminated products (such as insulation materials) production technology, the density of the electrical laminated waterproof pressed wood produced with the existing technology is not high enough (density is 0.75--0.85g/cm2), resulting in the mechanical strength and electrical performance of the electrical laminated wood is not ideal. In the process of use, fracture, cracking, as well as high dielectric loss, breakdown and other phenomena have produced. Therefore, it can only be used on 110KV voltage level transformers, and can not be used on the transformers with the voltage level above 220KV. Otherwise, it will lead to fracture and breakdown, which will directly affect the transformer's work, damage the transformer and cause power supply to stop. Therefore, high strength laminated waterproof pressed wood products and its production technology are urgently needed in industrial production applications.

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