Application of SMC insulation board

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SMC insulation sheet materials and SMC molded products have excellent electrical insulation, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and chemical corrosion resistance. So SMC products are widely used.

The main application areas of SMC insulation board are as follows:

Application in automobile industry

Developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan have widely used SMC (sheet molding compound) composites in automobile manufacturing, involving all kinds of vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, tractors, motorcycles, sports vehicles and agricultural vehicles. Main SMC components include the following categories:

1. Suspension parts, such as front and rear bumpers, instrument panel, etc.

2. Parts under the engine cover, such as air conditioner shell, air guide hood, intake pipe cover, fan guide ring, heater cover, water tank parts, brake system parts, battery bracket, engine sound insulation board, etc.

3. Vehicle body and body parts, such as body shell, hard shell roof, floor, vehicle door, heat gate plate, front panel, choke plate, luggage hatch cover plate, sun shade, SMC wing panel, engine cover, and headlight mirror.

Application in railway vehicle

SMC railway vehicle window frames, toilet components, seats, tea table, SMC carriage wall and SMC roof, etc.

Application in construction engineering

1. Water tank

2. Shower supplies

3. Purification tank

4. Storage room components

5. Building template

Above is the introduction of the application field of SMC insulation board. ZTelec Group specializes in the production and processing of various insulation materials. If you want to find an insulation board supplier, welcome to contact ZTelec Group.

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