Advantages of single phase transformer

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Transformers are important electrical appliances used to increase or decrease voltage to meet the needs of life or industry.A single-phase transformer is a transformer in which both the primary and secondary windings are single-phase windings.This article focuses on the advantages of single-phase transformers

1. Use less material

A single-phase transformer of the same capacity uses 20% less iron than a three-phase transformer. Especially when the wound iron core structure is adopted, the no-load loss of the transformer can be reduced by more than 15%, which will reduce the manufacturing cost and operating cost of the single-phase transformer at the same time, so as to obtain the best life cycle cost.

2. Low line investment

Using a single-phase power supply system in the power grid can save 33% to 63% of wires. Calculated by economic current density, it can save 42% of wire weight. Calculated by mechanical strength, it can reduce wire consumption by 66%. Therefore, the construction investment of the entire transmission line can be reduced. This is very meaningful in terms of street lighting and residential electricity consumption in rural and urban areas with vast areas.

3. Conducive to modern production

Due to its simple structure, single-phase transformers are suitable for large-scale modern production, which is conducive to improving product quality and efficiency.

4. Low installation requirements:

The single-phase transformer is light in weight and can be flexibly installed on the pole for use, which is convenient for going deep into the load center, reducing power supply nearby, and improving the quality of power supply. Generally, single-phase transformers supply power in a small range, and the fault spread is small, which is conducive to improving the reliability of power supply.

5. Flexible use

Because single-phase transformers are light in weight and easy to install and maintain, they can be used in single-phase or three-phase transformers.

6. In most cases, single-phase transformers do not need a cooling system.

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