What is the difference between bakelite sheet and 3240 epoxy sheet?

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The role of the bakelite sheet is mainly insulation, while the 3240 epoxy sheet is made of glass fiber cloth bonded with epoxy resin by heating and pressuring. It has high mechanical performance at medium temperature, stable electrical performance under high humidity. Let's understand the details below.

The electric board has the characteristics of insulation, no static electricity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, etc., which makes it an insulating switch and variable resistance for electronic products, a mold for mechanical use and a fixture for production lines, and can be used in transformer oil and other products.

Bakelite, is a synthetic chemical substance. Once heated, it solidifies and cannot be molded into anything else. It becomes well-known because of non-water absorption, non-conductive, high temperature resistance, high strength characteristics, and widely used in electrical products.

3240 epoxy sheet is also known as 3240 epoxy phenolic glass fiber cloth laminated board. The color is yellow and black. This product is made by the electrician's special alkali free glass fiber cloth soaked in epoxy phenolic resin by baking and pressing. The 3240 epoxy sheet has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machinability. The heat resistance grade is B, which is suitable for motor, electrical equipment as insulation structure parts, and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil.

3240 epoxy fiberglass sheet dimensions: 1020* 202mm, 1220*2020mm, 1220*2470mm, 1220*1220mm, 1020* 1020mm

Bakelite sheet, alias rubber board, full name epoxy phenolic laminated sheet. The colors are orange red and black. The specification size is 3-50mm*1000mm*1220/2000mm (thickness * width * length). The bakelite sheet is made of high quality bleached wood paper and lint paper as a reinforcement, and phenolic resin as a resin binder made from high purity and fully synthetic petrochemical raw materials.

Bakelite sheet characteristics: good electrical performance at room temperature, good mechanical processing performance, specific gravity 1.45, warping degree ≤3‰, with excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties. Paper bakelite sheet is the most common laminate sheet, and is also the most widely used and used industrial laminate sheet in the world.

Difference between 3240 epoxy sheet and bakelite sheet:

3240 epoxy sheet refers to the epoxy resin sheet reinforced with glass fiber. The strength of the epoxy resin sheet is much higher than bakelite. Bakelite is phenolic plastic board. It has low toughness, poor elasticity, brittle hard, and can not be used as a bow arm.

1. There is not much difference in price.

2. Shrinkage rate is related to the composition of resin and processing method.

3. Besides the advantages of price and raw materials, the bakelite sheet has no advantages. The 3240 epoxy sheet is good for use.

Epoxy resin sheet is synthesized by high pressure of epoxy resin and glass silk cloth. Electric board is made of phenolic resin plus some powder material and cotton cloth. Therefore, the 3240 epoxy sheet has better performance than bakelite sheet, and the bakelite sheet has higher physical processing performance than the epoxy sheet.

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