Processing technology of G10 FR4 laminate sheets epoxy glass ™ NEMA grade FR4

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Epoxy sheet is a commonly used term in insulating materials. Epoxy boards are composed of glass fiber materials and high heat resistance composite materials. FR4 laminate sheet is a code name for a class of fire-resistant materials that have the best performance in epoxy. Epoxy plate can withstand high temperature up to 180℃. The models of epoxy plate are 3240, FR4, G10, G11 sheet, etc.

Processing technology of G10 FR4 laminate sheets epoxy glass ™ NEMA grade FR4. When processing epoxy board, need to note: first to injection mold, the injection mold when should pay attention to high temperature and low temperature membrane, if working on the same case, need to use heat insulation method, can use heat insulation plate to meet this requirement, in the process of production to ensure the quality of stability, prevent the machine from overheating, no electrical fault, no oil leaking in the hydraulic system, and so on and so forth.Epoxy boards are widely used in insulation materials, which play a flame-retardant and insulating performance in electronic appliances. If poor materials are used in electronic appliances, the operation of the whole equipment will be affected.

ZTelec Group has introduced a few tips about processing epoxy plate. If you want to buy FR4 epoxy board, you can contact us. Zhengzhou Zhongtian Electrical Equipment Group has 62 years of research experience in epoxy sheet machining technology. We all choose imported raw materials and advanced equipment. The plate cutting edge is smooth with no burr. Finished product surface is bright and smooth. If you need to purchase a epoxy plate, you can contact us!

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