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1000x1200x5mm FR4 glass epoxy material is a good material for transformer oil insulation. Those who are familiar with transformer will know about transformer oil. One of them is insulation. Insulating 1000x1200x5mm FR4 glass epoxy material immersed in oil can not only improve insulation strength, but also protect against moisture. I'm going to talk to you today about what FR4 glass epoxy material is? Why transformer oil insulation is a good material? Read on for those interested.

First of all, what is FR4 glass epoxy material?

It is a kind of polymer compound synthesized by people. There are two main processing materials, namely epoxy resin and electrical glass cloth. This kind of material has very good heat resisting, insulation, high mechanical strength and good toughness, etc. Nowadays there is very few material which can compare with it in insulating material industry .

What is the role of transformer oil in the equipment?

(1) Heat dissipation. The heat generated during the transformer operation causes the oil near the iron core and winding to expand by heat, and the heat is dissipated through the radiator by convection of the oil up and down. Ensure the normal operation of transformer.

(2) Insulation. Transformer oil acts as arc suppression at the contact point of high voltage lead and tap switch to prevent corona and arc discharge.

I think that you have understood the properties of FR4 glass epoxy material and the function of transformer oil. Let's see why FR4 glass epoxy sheet is good material for transformer oil.

(1) It conforms to the performance characteristics of transformer. The role of transformer oil in the whole transformer is characterized by heat dissipation and arc prevention. The epoxy plate has good heat resistance, insulation and other characteristics. Its high temperature resistance is up to 155℃, and the breakdown voltage is up to 40kV. Such performance characteristics are fully applicable to the requirements of high-end electrical equipment.

(2) It conforms to people's aesthetic concepts. Today's high-end equipment is a trend, and the requirements for the performance characteristics of the plate is also very high. While the appearance of FR4 glass epoxy sheet is flat, no bubble, no cracks, etc. It conforms to the needs of modern society.

(3) High mechanical strength. Transformers are generally exposed in the air, it is hard to avoid environmental hazards. FR4 glass epoxy material greatly delayed the service life.

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