HSN SAC code of high voltage DMD insulating paper

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HSN SAC code of high voltage DMD insulating paper can improve the insulation performance of motor. DMD insulating paper is the main insulating material in motor insulation, because the strength, insulating performance and heat resistance of this kind of insulating paper are better. In normal operation, insulating paper should not be layered and appear bubbling problems.

The heat resistance of high voltage DMD insulating paper used for motors shall be matched with the heat level of the motor. Insulation materials are especially vulnerable to high temperature, too high temperature will accelerate the aging and damage of high voltage DMD insulating paper. Different insulation materials have different heat resistance properties, different motors use different insulation materials, their ability to withstand high temperature is different. Therefore, motors have their highest operating temperature.

On the premise of ensuring the stable and reliable quality of the motor, improving the breakdown resistance and heat resistance of the high voltage DMD insulating paper is one of the important measures to improve the insulation performance of the motor.

Main properties of electrical insulation materials

The main function of high voltage DMD insulating paper is to isolate the conductors in different parts of the electrical equipment, allowing the current to flow in a fixed direction. The insulation material is the weakest part in the electrical equipment, the insulation part has many faults, so the insulation material should have good dielectric performance, high insulation resistance and compressive strength; Good heat resistance, it does not change due to long-term thermal performance; Moistureproof, lightning proof, mildew proof, high mechanical strength, easy to process.

After long-term use, the insulation performance of high voltage DMD insulating paper will gradually deteriorate or even lose its insulation performance under the influence of high temperature, electrical and mechanical functions, etc. This phenomenon is called insulation aging. Temperature has a great influence on the service life and aging of insulating materials. In order to ensure the long-term safe operation of electrical equipment, the heat resistance grade and limit working temperature of high voltage DMD insulating paper are stipulated. If the working temperature of the electrical equipment exceeds the limit working temperature of the insulating material used, the service life of the insulating material will be shortened. Generally every more than 6℃, the life of DMD insulating paper will be shortened about half.

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