Glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4 weight calculator

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1. Characteristics of glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4:

The electrical insulation performance of general fiberglass epoxy sheet g10 fr4 is very stable, and the flatness and surface smoothness are very good, no pits; The glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4 is suitable for some products with high performance electronic insulation requirements, like carbon diaphragm, FPC reinforcement board, PCB test rack, transformer insulation parts and so on.

2. Advantages of glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4:

Glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4 has high mechanical properties and electrical resistance, also has good heat and moisture resistance, as well as good processing abilities. It is generally used for plastic mold and machinery manufacturing. Injection molding requirements: high and low temperature molds; Heat insulation method must be used in under the same machine, so that the temperature of the injection molding machine is not too high or too low. Insulation board can be installed in the injection mold and the main machine. It can shorten production times, thereby increasing productivity, reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of finished products.

3. Application of fiber glass epoxy sheet g10 fr4:

(1) Automobile and railway transportation industry: it can be used as parts of automobile shell and other parts, as well as body shell, door, inner board and instrument screen of large passenger cars; In the highway construction part, there are road signs, isolation pier and highway guardrail and so on.

(2) Construction industry: it can be used as cooling towers, building structures, indoor equipment and decorative parts, fiberglass panels, decorative panels, and solar energy utilization devices, etc.

(3) Chemical industry: it can be used as corrosion-resistant pipes, corrosion-resistant pumps and their accessories, as well as as grilles, ventilation facilities, waste water and sewage treatment equipment, and so on.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, as well as the gradual improvement of people's living standards, a lot of household appliances such as: glass reinforced plastic basin, household appliances shell and helmet, and so on; They all use a lot of our fiberglass. Because of its utility and convenience, it also saves a lot of time for us.

ZTelec Group has many years of experience in fr4 processing industry, we have professional technicians and operators, and precision CNC processing equipment, including CNC engraving machine, gantry milling machine, CNC drilling machine, etc. In the processing of insulation board, we can achieve high processing accuracy, small error, smooth surface without burr, we only need a drawing or a sample, which can relieve your confusion.

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