Nema fr4 certification standard fr4 grade fiberglass laminate product catalogue

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As for the product catalogue, I think we all know that it is a comprehensive description of the product performance, use, service life and other detailed information, the purpose is to help people better understand the product itself. As a professional Nema fr4 grade fiberglass laminate manufacturer, I would like to make a comprehensive product description.

(1) Dimensional tolerance: ±2mm, diagonal tolerance: ±3mm;

(2) The appearance inspection standard shall be in accordance with the sample: the surface is smooth, without bubbles and cracks. Each material is allowed to have less than or equal to 3 small black spots and pitting spots; The diameter of black spot and pitting spot should be ≤1.0mm, allowing a little scratch (no more than 20mm);

(3) Material used: glass fiber cloth, phosphorus modified epoxy resin;

(4) Performance characteristics: good mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, good toughness;

(5) Color: yellow, green, white, black;

(6) Thickness tolerance: according to the appearance size of the product;

(7) Measuring tools: micrometer, etc.;

(8) Product storage conditions: Store at room temperature;

(9) Guarantee period: 24 months (at normal temperature (≤25℃), relative humidity is less than 65%).

The above is the product description of Nema fr4 UL94v0 grade fiberglass laminate sheet, provided exclusively by ZTelec Group. We are specialized in processing Nema fr4 grade fiberglass laminate sheet. Fully equipped, sufficient raw materials, adequate supply of goods, complete specifications, etc., our biggest advantage is not how big we are, how advanced our equipment is or how advanced our technology is, but we wholeheartedly do the product, and strive to do better, more fine, more accurate. Product quality is our biggest confidence, but also our best commitment to customers. If you have this demand of Nema fr4 grade fiberglass laminate sheet, you can choose ZTelec Group, I believe that we will have pleasant cooperation!

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