Halogen free FR4 epoxy plate for high-speed train insulation

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Have you ever wondered what the insulation material on high-speed train is? I think everyone except industry insider would shake their heads and say, "I don't know." That's OK. That is the purpose of this article.

First of all, let's take a look at the halogen-free epoxy fiberglass fr4 properties and materials.

The meaning of halogen-free FR-4 epoxy plate is environmentally friendly material, its bromine and chlorine content is less than 900ppm, and the sum of bromine and chlorine content is less than 1500ppm. Nema grade fr4 meets the requirements of national IEC 61249-2-21. The epoxy board like 10mm fr4 g10 sheet is mainly made of electrical glass cloth dipped in epoxy resin through high temperature and hot pressing. It has good insulation, high temperature resistance, dielectric, easy processing, high mechanical strength, flame retardant, environmental protection, moistureproof and so on.

What are the advantages of FR-4 epoxy board for high-speed train insulation? It is closely related to its characteristics.

First, environmental protection. Environmental protection is the premise of product development. With the increase of haze weather, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection awareness. Of course, this is also an imminent thing, and the environmental performance of epoxy fiberglass fr4 is in line with the sustainable development of the country and people's environmental awareness. It is consistent with high performance requirements of high-speed rail.

Two, insulation. Insulation is an important requirement for high-speed trains. The breakdown voltage of nema grade fr4 is as high as 40KV. Although the electricity consumption in China is constantly climbing and the voltage is gradually increasing, there is still a gap in the voltage to reach the breakdown of FR-4 epoxy plate.

Three, high temperature resistance. Everyone knows that the biggest characteristic of high speed train is fast, and high speed operation. Friction coefficient will increase. It is inevitable that the temperature will rise. The FR4 epoxy plate has a high temperature resistance of up to grade B, about 155 degrees.

Four, good toughness. The temperature is around minus 20 degrees in some places, which is a big test for the insulation material. The FR-4 epoxy plate has the characteristics of low temperature non-embrittlement and good toughness. And 10mm fr4 sheet has the very good moisture-proof performance. High mechanical strength is the first choice of high-speed train insulation materials.

Five, flame retardant. With the extension of time, materials will be aging one day. In case of electrical leakage and fire, the FR4 epoxy plate has good flame retardant performance, it can minimize the loss in order to win more rescue time.

Six, good smoothness of appearance. It meets the material requirements of high-end equipment and high-speed railway. Not only is it practical, it is also important to look beautiful.

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