What are the properties of phenolic board?

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Phenolic sheet is known as the "king of thermal insulation materials", is a new generation of thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation materials. Phenolic sheet material has the characteristics of light weight, fire prevention, non-flammable, smokeless, non-toxic, no water dropping and so on. And the application temperature range is wide. Phenolic board has been recognized by the construction department and the public security fire department as a safe, green and new energy-saving building material.

1) Phenolic plates were used in the insulation of missiles and rocket heads in the early stage.

2) Phenolic sheet material is widely used in high-rise buildings, transportation, ships, aviation, space technology and other fields.

3) Petrochemical and other pipeline insulation field use tube and shell products cut by phenolic insulation board widely.

4) Phenolic insulation board composite products are applied to large in-mold system in building insulation engineering, A class fire insulation system, building wall insulation decoration integration system, fire door interlayer, color steel sandwich panel room and other fields.

Phenolic board features and advantages:

The phenolic plate like black phenolic sheet has the characteristics of no shrinkage and no brittle crack at the low temperature of 96℃~+100℃. Phenolic foam has low thermal conductivity (less than 0.020 w/mk), good thermal insulation, water resistance and moisture penetration. It is a good heat preservation and energy saving material, but also an ideal heat preservation material for HVAC and refrigeration engineering. Because phenolic has benzene ring structure, the size is stable and the change rate is less than 1%. And it has stable chemical composition, corrosion and aging resistance, especially resistance to organic solution, strong acid and weak alkali corrosion. Freon is not used as foaming agent in the process of foaming, and this is in line with international environmental standards, the molecular structure contains hydrogen, oxygen, carbon elements. When decomposed at high temperature, the spilled gas is non-toxic and odorless, harmless to human body and the environment, and meets the national green environmental protection requirements. Therefore, phenolic super composite board is green heat preservation material with ideal fireproof, heat insulation, energy saving, beautiful appearance, and environmental protection.

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