How important is oil to oil immersed transformers

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Oil-immersed transformers use insulating oil as a sealing insulating material, so they are named after oil-immersed. Oil-immersed transformers are mostly used for power supply in civil buildings and are one of the important equipment in the power supply equipment system. So what is the role of the oil in the oil-immersed transformer?

The first function of oil-immersed transformer oil is insulation.

As the dielectric strength of transformer oil and gas. Immersion of insulating materials in oil can not only improve the dielectric strength, but also avoid the erosion of moisture.

The second function of transformer oil is heat dissipation.

Transformer oil has a large specific heat and can be used as a coolant. The heat generated by the operation of the transformer can increase the thermal expansion of the oil near the core and windings. Through the upper and lower convection of the oil and the heat dissipation of the radiator, the normal operation of the transformer oil can be guaranteed.

The third function of transformer oil is that transformer oil has the function of arc extinguishing.

We know that in the operation of the transformer under load, if the on-load breaking switch is to be cut off, an arc will be generated at the moment of contact breaking. Due to the good heat conduction effect of the transformer oil, the temperature of the arc is very high, and a large amount of arc can be decomposed under the high temperature of the arc. gas, and generate a larger pressure, which is more conducive to the arc extinguishing of the medium, and the arc is quickly extinguished.

Because of these two functions of transformer oil, we can safely put the iron core and winding of the oil-immersed transformer in the oil tank filled with transformer oil.

However, the oil-immersed transformer will become more and more dry (less oil) when it operates for a period of time, just like the body lacks water. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately fill the oil-immersed transformer with oil at this time, that is, the special oil for oil-immersed transformers. That will ensure that the oil immersed transformer will function properly.

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