Classification and common types of insulating paper

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What is insulating paper
Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. It is used as an insulating material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils.
Insulation paper classification
1. Miki insulating paper, also known as kraft paper, yellow, thickness: 0.13mm~0.5mm
2. NOMEX insulating paper, also known as NOMEX paper, is light yellow, thickness: 0.05mm~0.76mm.
3. NMN insulating paper, thickness: 0.1mm~0.5mm
4. tufQUIN composite insulating paper, color white, tufQUIN110, and polyester film composite, the typical structure is a thin layer of tufQUIN insulating paper, double-sided composite polyester film, used for high-temperature insulation system. Thickness 0.1-0.76 (mm)
Common insulating Paper
1. Cable paper(insulating kraft paper)- This product is made of 100% purity sulfate insulating wood pulp.
2. Diamond dotted paper(DDP)-This product is made of insulation paper coated by modified epoxy resin in the shape of a rhombus.
3. Electrical paper board- This product is made of sulfate wood pulp with 100% purity process by high pressure.
4. Oil strut belt-This product is made of an electrical board in the shape of a stripe adhered to DDP.
5. Crepe paper-This product is made of insulating kraft paper processed by crinkling.
6. Crepe paper pipe-This product is made by a special process.
7. Semiconductor crepe paper-This product is between that of the conductor and the semiconductor, and it is used in the mutual inductor, transformer, power cable, partial discharge control component of switchboard at the high voltage of below 750 kV.
insulating paper for Power Transformer
1. Transformer insulating paper Mainly used in high-voltage cables and large oil-immersed transformers, mainly used for wire wrapping
2. insulating paper for power Transformer is one of the factors affecting the power transformer grade. Transformers are graded, with A, B, E, F, H, and C. This is divided according to the operating temperature, the power transformer is Class A, and the maximum operating temperature is 105 degrees, which is the oil-type transformers. Dry change has F grade (epoxy resin) with a maximum operating temperature of 155 degrees. There are also dry-type transformers of class H (maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees) and class C (maximum allowable operating temperature of 220 degrees) made of insulating paper from ZTelec Group in the China E and B are used to make motors. This temperature is determined by the insulating material

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