Dry cast epoxy distribution transformer’s Key Component Materials-iron core

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The iron core is one of the core parts of the Dry cast epoxy distribution transformer. The quality of the iron core manufacturing process directly affects the loss and noise of the Dry cast epoxy distribution transformer.ZTelec Group has innovated the original technology so that the iron core produced has the advantages of low no-load loss, low no-load current, and low noise.
ZTelec Group's iron core production process: silicon steel sheet cutting - iron core cutting - stacking - iron core Bonza - iron core painting. we will introduce the advantages of each process one by one.
Silicon steel sheet cutting
Using automatic silicon steel sheet vertical and horizontal shearing lines, computer program control, high shearing precision, small burr, with multi-head feeding, automatic stacking, automatic columnar receiving, and step stacking functions, effectively reducing the vibration of slices times, to ensure the intact grain orientation structure of the silicon steel sheet;
Iron core clips
After completing the cutting of silicon steel sheets, we obtained high-quality high-magnetic permeability cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets and covered the surface of each sheet with an anti-corrosion insulating coating. After the overlay is complete, the clipping can be performed.
The cross-section of the iron core designed by ZTelec Group is approximately circular, and the silicon steel sheets are stacked by the seven-step single-chip single-stack method, which effectively staggers the seams, improves the integrity of the magnetic circuit of the single-layer silicon steel sheet, and reduces the silicon steel sheet connection. seam loss, thereby reducing process loss;
The stacking and standing of the iron core are carried out on the iron core turning table. The unique stacking technology of ZTelec Group is used, and the iron core chamfering process is adopted, which significantly improves the processing quality and production efficiency of the iron core, and reduces the noise of the product to a minimum level.
Core Bonza with Core Paint
Finally, a layer of F-class insulating block and silicone pad is placed between the contact surface of the silicon steel sheet and other components, which reduces the operating noise of the transformer while ensuring the insulation of the core. The silicon steel sheet is fixed and formed while reducing the noise of the iron core. The surface of the assembled iron core is coated with a special resin, which can enhance the mechanical strength and clamping force of the iron core, and at the same time play the role of dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, and sound insulation. Effect.
Under the continuous innovation and progress of ZTelec Group, the craftsmanship of the iron core is becoming more and more perfect, the quality of the dry cast epoxy distribution transformer has been fully guaranteed, and the products are sold to various countries.

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