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The positioning plate is an important component of the keyboard, which generally plays the role of fixing the shaft body and bearing the force when the shaft body is pressed. According to the material, the positioning plate can be divided into: POM Plate/FR4 Plate/Brass Plate/Carbon fiber Plate/Aluminum Plate/PC Plate, here we mainly introduce the FR4 plate.
Fr4 specific introduction
FR-4 flame retardant epoxy fiberglass board is also called epoxy fiberglass cloth laminated board. It is plate-like laminated products formed by electronic grade fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin and fire retardant under hot pressing of high temperature and pressure with high mechanical property and dielectric property, good heat and moisture resistance, as well as strong mechanical processing property. The insulation class is F class, and the main color is white(original color), aqua, black and yellow.
FR4 is a high-density fiber material that feels given between an aluminum plate and PC. It is solid with a certain flexibility and also solid with hardness, which enables you to get a balanced typing experience.
fr4 plate
Features of fr4 positioning board:
1.stiffer、reduce flexibility
4.Lower pitch

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