How fiberglass cloth laminate/tube products are manufactured?

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Fiberglass cloth laminated sheet / tube products.
   Fiberglass cloth laminated sheet / tube manufacturing process and equipment Introduction.
Laminated sheet/tube are made by the Alkali-Free fiberglass cloth impregnated with Phenolic resin or modified Epoxy resin by dry hot ether. 
Step 1  Prepare the resin
Mix semi-finished resin formulations, solvents and diluents, fillers, as the formula.
Device generally includes the reactor, mixing, dilution tank, as well as the pumps, pipe and electrical control systems.
Step 2 impregnated the cloth with resin
Get the fiberglass cloth or the cotton cloth prepared, and impregnated the cloth with the resin according to the technical standards for the semi-finished impregnated fiberglass cloth. 
The equipment is vertical or horizontal gluing machine.
Step 3 laminated or rolled
Get the cloth laminated or rolled according to the technical standard. The equipment is laminating machine and pipe winding machine.
Laminated charge
Superposition the material in order: plate→one side steel plate→film→cloth→film→one side steel plate→paper→iron sheet, and do make sure there is no any resin or impurities left on the paper.
Materials should be placed neatly, every layer must be aligned to each other, there can’t be any crease.
When send the materials to the machine, workers need to be careful, do not make any relative displacement.
Process of laminated 
After loading is completed, check all tools are complete, instruments and equipment in normal situation, if there is no problem, then turn on the machine to begin the lamination.
Preheat: Reaches the preheating temperature, record the time needed.
Heating and lamination, after preheating, then begin to send high pressure and heating, when the temperature reached, record the time needed, and adjusted the pressure ensure that the product will have good appearance, right thickness, electrical and mechanical performance.
Cool down: Cooled to 60 ℃,reduce the pressure and pull the sheet out of the machine.
Process of laminated tube, omission.
Step 4 After-treatment
       Use different machine for sheet with different thickness (less than 3mm and more than 3mm)to cut the edge off. Tubes usually need post-heat treatment. Test the quality after that, then send the products to warehouse, and packing.

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