Composite Material Products Introduction Of Major Manufacturing

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composite material products
Introduction to major manufacturing processes and equipment:
The product is a composite of polyester film and polyester fiber non-woven fabric, made of polyurethane adhesives.  
Equipment including: laminating machine, cutting machine, and resin mixer
Step 1: prepare the resin.
Get the polyurethane adhesives mixed, the mixed resin can’t be left to the next day.
Step 2: prepare for the composition
Get the non-woven fabric and film ready according to the product needed, heating the machine inside, when the temperature of the heat roller reached the requirement, turn on the rolling machine
Step 3: composition process
Put the selected film and non-woven fabric according to the production process diagram, and put it on. And adjust the placement and capacity mechanism so that the film does not miss the non-woven fabric after conforming.                                             
Place the adhesive from the high level groove to the center of the front of the rubber roller. Adjust to the corner roller level and the thickness of the glue layer.The thickness of the glue layer is controlled at about 0.01 mm.
Ensure that no relative displacement between each layer happens.
Step 4: After-treatment.
after 48 hrs the products will fully cured with sealed environment, then test the quality, send to warehouse and packing.

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